Orange Street Design Studio is the collaborative project of two designers brought together by a unified philosophy and passion for design. Brooke Richard and Laura Watson combine innate sensibilities with formal education, both having earned their Master of Arts in Interior Design. Following graduate school, each designer went on to gain a breadth of experience in prominent commercial and residential firms, and have since become adjunct professors of design. Ultimately, they merged their individual talents to establish a design studio with an uncommon approach.

The studio covers a broad scope of design, including architectural renovation, interior and event design, and custom furniture. From the Vegas strip to a quaint street on Nantucket, they have worked on high-end residential spaces, retail stores, offices, and restaurants, and are always ready for the next challenge.

Emblem - Orange Street Design Studio


We believe a well-designed space should inspire, surprise, humor, delight, and comfort those who experience it. Every project brings its own story and depth, and that uniqueness is brought to the forefront of each design. Our goal is not to achieve a particular style or look, but rather to create a design that is harmonious and relevant. Our inspiration has no boundaries, from an elegant urban boutique to a rough and tumble lumber yard with simple reclaimed timber. Deep roots in fashion, psychology and the arts are manifested in thoughtful and unexpected ways. The result is an authentic collaboration of minds and materials, with a bit of edginess and humor for good measure.


Throughout our creative process we assume various roles. We are part psychologist, understanding the visions, objectives, and lifestyles of our clients; we are part artist, tapping into our passion, innate design sensibility, and background in the arts; and we are part technician, using learned tools and advanced technology to actualize our design effectively and skillfully.